During the past years the transportation of express cargo has become our main profile.

The main principle of our policy is that the cargo must be at the delivery point on time. We do transportation observing the rules and regulations. We have a valid CMR-insurance and all the permissions needed.

The main safeguard of our trustworthiness is flexible, reliable work and excellent communication between the collegues and with our customers. Our collegues are available after hours, as well, to ensure efficient work.

We are a member of the Hungarian Road Transport association. Since 2007 we are a member of TimoCom at the customer number of 103618.

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Head: Istvan Kovacs

Address: 2636 Tésa, Petőfi utca 16.

Mail address:  2636 Tésa, Petőfi utca 16.

Tel/Fax: + 36 29 355 775